They (The Judicial System) have forfeited their right to be called paragons of hope and truth and virtue ; compromised till they can’t be recognised! What hope do men, mothers of sons have when these overlords of madness go on the attack of the innocent?

If one person’s life is seen as cheap and insignificant, it cheapens and threatens the lives of us all! As the late Albert Camus said, “ The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants”. Keep up the good work on behalf of us men Bettina, we all have to pull together and hold the line to survive the ravages of the men hating “ Women Warriors”, hell bent on getting their own way at the expense of “Truth and Justice”.

Greetings from Ipswich Queensland Australia. God bless you Bettina.

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I am relieved the outcome has been such as it has, and I'll confess another thing. This matter has confirmed something I learned long ago as a (never to finish) law student. We were taught that the jury system wasn't really there because 12 people could come to the best conclusion about facts/evidence. The true original purpose of juries was to protect against state (then royal) tyranny. By giving 12 ordinary people the power to refuse to convict even if the defendant was factually guilty average citizens are able to strike down unjust laws when they see them. This ability is an even stronger leveller than the universal electoral franchise, as evidenced that it actually precedes the latter by centuries.

I came to Aus from the continent and was initially sceptical toward the English system of common law over the top-down Roman system as rules most of Europe. Since then I've retired my scepticism and count my stars I live in a common law nation. My prediction: neutering of juries will be the next target for those who want to skew the legal system toward their ideological objectives. Beware and prepare.

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I had heard your name Bettina, but never read or watched any of your work until today. Our thoughts align closely on almost all matters that I have seen you cover.

The exception is your positive view of Donald Trump. I feel that your loyalty to him is not deserved. I expect him to be found guilty of criminal conduct. I fear that being a Trump supporter seriously damages your credibility and undermines the good work that you are doing. Please reconsider, and maybe don’t mention him again.

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I am not aware of mentioning Trump - I certainly haven't written anything about him. I am not a Trump supporter but could never bring myself to vote for Biden and his corrupt family and his vicious anti-male policies on campus kangaroo courts, domestic violence and the like.

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This has been as good as any of your work Tina. Worthy of a Logie (surely Lisa will hand hers back?) for reporting this issue in a forthright manner which almost all other media are too afraid to do. So happy for Bruce. After my small donation and your message to me about his glasses, I get a smile every time I see him on TV.

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Aug 8, 2023·edited Aug 8, 2023Author

Interesting interview last night with another guy who was prosectuted for sexual assault during the Drumgold era.


I actually wrote about the Matters case some time ago... see this blog. https://open.substack.com/pub/bettinaarndt/p/the-brittany-higgins-wannabees?r=iqrdm&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Yes, that is essentially true but most people in the media aren't interested in focussing on such issues. I have written about it and it received coverage in The Australian. I think that's all.

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Hi Tina I've asked eslewhere I'd really like to fully understand the circumstances ( when why and how ) Chief Justice Lucy Hallam offered ( apparently ) Bruce Lehrmann a lighter sentence if he pleaded guilty. I see no forensic exploration of this yet given the phenomenal pressure Bruce was under ( withheld evidence non disclosure etc ) I see this as a pivotal moment, that needs a spotlight on it.

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Now the ACT government is attacking Soffronoff. accusing him of talking to reporters prior to releasing the report, and accusing him of leaking the report.

I doubt that a responsible judge would talk to reporters at any time.

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I owned a guesthouse in the 90's in Bundanoon NSW. A young male employee was (I believe) quite wrongfully accused of rape and subsequently sent to prison. I was there with a guesthouse full of witnesses who could testify that this woman was on the make with her other friends. She had already propositioned my own husband for a 'service'! Her overt sexual behaviour was no secret in the kitchen as it was relayed from waiting staff. It was bizarre and this young man feel victim to her advances. While not an eye witness to what happened I was informed that after his shift had finished he was invited to join the girls on the front verandah. The young man was to be slaughtered as if a sacrificial victim on the alter of the occult under the guise of 'girl power'. She had a twin room and they were caught in the act by her room mate. After much pressure from her friends it was declared she should go to the police and make a rape charge against this young man who had washed their dishes that evening. These stories as B. Arndt has so courageouly exposed for decades now are not uncommon. The women who are complicit in these false accusations and over-staging the 'victim' card need to be held to account. Our society no longer holds an understanding of the concept of the requirement to fulfil your 'Duty of State'. I've followed Bettina Arndt's lonely crusade for these men and applaud her with all my heart and soul. What a trooper she is!... and how wicked it was to attack her Order of Aust. It is a reflection of Divine Hope that there are now so many courageous voices speaking to us through this platform.

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All I can say is that this seems typical. Shit deposited all over the place by numerous women but it's a bloke who takes the fall. Those genuinely responsible will never be called to order.

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It is all about "enhanced convictions"

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Hi Tina,

I just saw Drumgold’s statement printed in the SMH:


He says, "According to ABS national data – for every 100 women who suffer sexual violence, 87 do not trust them to our legal institutions.”

The figures are taken from Table 10.1 of the ABS PSS 2016 (copy attached).

He lies when he says they "do not trust them to our legal institutions”. The reasons for not reporting sexual assault are many and varied and are listed in the same PSS Table:

All reasons police not contacted about most recent incident of assault

Felt ashamed or embarrassed 25.8%

Did not want person responsible arrested 16.6%

Did not regard the incident as a serious offence 33.8%

Did not know or think the incident was a crime 21.5%

Did not think there was anything the police could do 22.0%

Did not trust the police 5.8%

Did not think the police would be able to do anything 14.5%

Felt would not be believed 16.1%

Fear of the person responsible 18.4%

Fear of legal processes 9.8%

Cultural/language reasons 3.3%*

Workplace/on the job incident - internal reporting procedures followed 1.9%*

Did not want to ask for help 8.9%

Felt they could deal with it themselves 34.2%

Other 7.2%

Not known 2.9%*

Total police not contacted 100.0%

* estimate has a relative standard error of 25% to 50% and should be used with caution



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Delivered wearing a tie inspired by Aboriginal dot art design and impossible to miss. Virtue signalling at its finest.

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I could introduce you to dozens of victims, male and female, who didn't take formalised action because the abuse they experienced was not deemed to be a crime at all. You can probably guess the sex of the perpetrators involved.

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You mention “sexual violence” and although this may sound bad it could be as trivial as a man looking at a woman in a way that made her uncomfortable, such are the recently expanded definitions of sexual assault , ridiculous of course and the question is “ just who do these women think they are ?”

They wanted liberation from the over protected, sexually repressive , Victorian ways , they wanted to run with the men and do all the things denied them , now they have this they still want to be mollycoddled when it suits them , can somebody explain to them that in the grown ups world they can not do this.

Will they show the maturity they pretend to have and take the attitude that if they are the new “movers and shakers” of society they can’t also be it’s “victims” .

Talking about Victorian times and the lingering influence , a case from the state of Victoria Australia in the late 19th century is worth a revisit , three young men were executed , hanged for the rape of a girl , the girl suffered no permanent physical injuries and recovered . But the feelings of the community was that this was the right thing to do, nowadays it would be seen as outrageous , but such was the prudish attitude towards sexuality then , women were seen as goddesses to be protected at all cost, heaven help those who harmed them.

But this is what the feminists fought against they wanted freedom from this straight jacket ,the message to women is clear “ you have made your bed so lay in it” in other words stop whinging.

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I agree. In the 1960s there were calls for Women's sexual liberation, and the female sexual revolution. Liberation and Revolution. Fine words expressing freedom from the state control. Yet here we are in the 2020s and for the past 30 years women have been calling for more laws regarding sex, broader definitions for what falls under the law and more government intrusion into the bedroom.

Any people who start a movement for liberation and revolution and who come to the conclusion that what they actually really want is more government control - well that movement is clearly over, and has ended in failure. What else can you say.

And what a conclusion to a movement based on the ideals of liberty - more men must go to prison.

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Brittany Higgins was the classic liberated woman, out on the town scantily dressed drinking to excess, she dumps the man she was with and goes off with another.

When things didn't go how she wanted she cries rape, and nobody has the courage to tell her that even if it was true she is mostly to blame .

That was the point I was making, women cant have it both ways, but like spoilt brats they are trying to and look at the very expensive mess Higgins has caused .

She is a selfish self centred narcissist and shows no remorse.

If she is typical of women her age then there is no hope.

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Sunday Mail yesterday had 2 page story about DV statistics, it said

16 people dead, ( did not say if female, male, children or other family members)

171,750 Dv incidents

59,558 DV breaches

146,299 calls for help

2854 cases of DV strangulation

7 mth age of youngest victim

This is same as you have reported, figures are not in context, going by DV statistics deaths take up only about .25%, it does not show any information about gender related Domestic Violence, does not show what the statistics are for no violent coercive control, does not so much of anything. The story then has photos of 2 females only who were killed by their partners & a female Police Commissioner & her words ‘ Awful Abuse’

The current climate of the Female being the victim is vastly overstated, our own Police Commissioner gives distorted statistics. When are Prosecutors & Police going to tell the truth.

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Currently in the UK male victims of DV and sexual abuse - many at the hands of women - are being classed as "victims of violence against women".

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Thanks for posting that helpful info, Greg. I hope people will help circulate the truth about these statistics.

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Welcome to the world of misquoting and misattribution.

Other fascinating pieces, is the failure to collect the relevant data, for example a man walks into to a police station to make a report of DV, only his visit is not recorded and there is not record of the interview.

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Heartbreaking to read about the divorce of Dans family and the financial devastation they had to endure.

Insane that something like this can happen in modern Australia.

Surely in anything resembling a fair and just democracy, the government would be on the hook not just for the $400k legal costs, but for millions in compensation.

Thank you Bettina for your incredible coverage of the case

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I want to see the ALP perpetrators of this conspiracy go down, screaming. It’s beyond comprehension that this was not a political endeavour as part of Albanese’s election campaign.

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Looks like "Matriarchy Inc." We live in.

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