Please bear in mind that "RAPE" is not the only terrible offence that is often used in constructing false allegations against men. It is just the EASIEST, most handy, most readily accepted - a great weapon that brings no responsibility to the corrupt, even when launched with malice. But we hear it so rarely noted that even RAPE can go either way - it is not always male towards female - but that is ignored. "Child abuse" and "Partner Violence"? are also terrible with serious consequences - It seems females almost always receive a "get out of Jail Free card" when they are the offender. Thus their crimes are not accurately recorded in a way that reflects the severity of the offence, hence don't count when legislation is being formulated and policy established. There is a SEXIST bias in the exploitation of these serious classes of crimes that target males. The way this works out does nothing to encourage the "true offender" to improve their behaviour and character - and nothing to help the VICTIMS. Indeed VICTIM BLAMING is common in these cases, while in more politically acceptable narratives, it is treated with disgust. If we want healthy FAMILIES, communities and to have healthy character's ourselves, then we must apply the Rules, laws and standards equally to everyone - regardless of Sex or demographic.

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So glad you take the time to debate and contribute to this significant element of our society, very few others will, do and can, thank you!

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URGENT TASK NEEDED - Labor's dreadful family law bill looks like being pushed through parliament next week, with the help of the Greens. We plan to make video clips exposing who is selling out fathers and who is standing up and being counted objecting to the bill. We need a team of people to help monitor the speeches in the Senate next week, starting on Monday, taking note of key statements worth recording. If you can help, please contact me asap at https://www.bettinaarndt.com.au/contact/

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What people seem to have forgotten is history.

Rape used to be a Capital offence! Yes, men were hung for it.

It was removed from the Capital offences list for ONE reason specifically............................


These allegations were often because women got pregnant, got caught on their infidelity, shame and regret, just to name a few. That was back when Rape actually meant RAPE!

Ironically, all of these reasons still apply against a massively expanded list of what Sexual Assault means but now, miraculously, Women have changed morality standards so much the old lessons no longer apply.

Here's the kicker, even the very first feminists in the 1800's tried claiming this MORAL superiority while sending men to the gallows on False Allegations.

Want to see more?


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Remember the interview Bettina did with the ex-policewoman, who worked in sex crimes for twelve years?

She said that in all that time she saw maybe two genuine rapes. The rest were all just false allegations.

I wish she had said how many so-called rapes she had been called to investigate, because then we would have an idea what the proportion of fake to real is like.

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I know of a Child Safety Officer who would encourage mothers to lie to have the advantage in Child custody disputes. She was often heard on the phone telling clients what to do to get the kids & money. What chance have men got when these women at Child Safety encourage lying. I also know of a female Parole Officer who also lie to get men locked up. My advice to men on Parole for DV offences record every meeting with Parole. It’s just natural for government females to lie.

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The rates of false sexual allegations must be becoming worse because of:

(i) Ever-expanding definitions of what constitutes rape and other sexual offences, providing ever more imaginative opportunities to allege falsely. For example, in New Zealand s128A of the Crimes Act specifically allows consent that was clearly given to be retrospectively ruled as not having been given for various reasons, some reasonable but others ridiculous, such as if the complainant was mistaken about who the sexual partner was or the nature of the sexual activity, and of course a clause that doesn't rule out any other circumstances in which consent can be retrospectively removed. One concerns alcohol but in practice if equally drunk male and female interact sexually only the male is ever seen as proceeding without the other's consent.

(ii) Relatively recent policies by police to always believe the 'victim' at least if she is female. This can only encourage false allegations. Even using the term 'victim' before any victimization has been properly established will embolden liars.

(iii) Numerous legislative changes making the process of lying easier for the complainant. For example, providing evidence-in-chief through a previously recorded video interview, giving evidence in court through video link or having the accused behind a screen. Not having to face the person you're accusing will, for most people, make it easier to lie. Also of course, police not being allowed to conduct a proper investigation by asking questions that might challenge the complainant's story. Come on everyone, we welcome lies!

(iv) Numerous other legislative changes for trials to make it easier to achieve a guilty verdict on the basis of the same inadequate evidence. This can only encourage false allegations. For example, disallowing cross-examination questions about things that may call into question the complainant's honesty, including a complainant's sexual history even though (actually because) having frequently engaged in sex with the accused or being the town bike might reasonably make her withholding of consent on the alleged occasion less credible.

(v) The change in law to allow (actually require) police to proceed, and to allow a Court to make a guilty finding, on nothing but the complainant's allegation. That can also only embolden a liar.

The research on which meta-analyses have been done probably hasn't caught up with all these changes and the resultant increase in false allegations.

A central issue here is misandry in the form of reducing protection for men against false conviction and punishment. Most of the changes demanded by feminists are likely to increase the number of truly guilty parties being found guilty, but they will equally or even disproportionately also increase the number of truly innocent parties being found guilty. Collateral damage to innocent men doesn't matter at all to the feminists or compliant lawmakers. Unlike, say, progress in genetic evidence, these changes don't provide any better evidence or any better method for distinguishing the truly guilty from the falsely accused, they simply lower the goalpost to find all defendants guilty.

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To say that women do not lie about being raped/sexually assaulted is like saying the sun won't shine. I know for a fact that in the early 1970's a chap I knew was almost jailed for an alleged rape. Fortunately friends of the female came forward in support of the chap as they knew the truth about the allegation. How times have changed as it appears that females easily support the "victim" whether they personally know her or not. The media hype around Brittany Higgins is a typical example.

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Feminists ask us why a woman would lie about being raped. They tell us it's an excruciating ordeal that they have to relive through the legal process and the publicity, and that most rapes aren't even reported for those reasons. The glaring logical disconnect here is that, if women are making false accusations, NONE OF THAT APPLIES!!

The liars have no trauma to relive, or shame, because the crimes that they are alleging DIDN'T HAPPEN!! This is such a blindingly obvious fact that only a truly misandrist and gynophilic mind wouldn't grasp it immediately.

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I have been recording false accusations. Here is a tiny sample. These are actual cases and I have the links;

* Woman lied about rape because date didn't drive her home

* Hucknall woman blackmailed man with threats of false rape allegations

* Woman sits in front of a man’s car and calls the police and lies to them


* Woman filed over 30 complaints of rape, wrongful restraint in 4 yrs

* Student Files Fake Gang Rape Case AFTER MISSING UNIVERSITY EXAM

* Mum of teen who killed himself AFTER WITHDRAWN RAPE ALLEGATION found hanged family home

* Mom loses custody after filing 10 false abuse report against father

* Lawyer apologizes for falsely accusing trooper of rape

* 16-Yr-Old Girl Cooks Up False Rape Story, To Escape Scolding For Staying Out With Boyfriend

* Dumfries Greensands false rape claim woman sentenced

* Army Man Falsely Accused Of Rape By Daughter; High Court Acquits Him After 18-Years

* Mum gave kids sedatives to frame dad for drugging/sexually abusing them

* Children admit false claims on teacher to get him fired

* Woman Claims Cop Raped Her. Then Body Cam Footage Is Released. A complete lie!

* Woman's Lie About Sexual Assault Put an Innocent Man in Jail for 4 Years

- After confessing, she ended up getting a 2 month "weekend service-only" sentence.

- Western “Justice” in a nut shell

* Woman forced ex to give her over £7,000 by threatening to make false rape claim

* Sarah Browne, was given a ONE MONTH jail sentence after she made a false allegation of rape, which the judge described as ‘THE WORST ALLEGATION A WOMAN COULD MAKE AGAINST A MAN’.

* Woman 'wickedly' accused Leicestershire police officer she had never met of rape

* My neighbour was a principal in a school

- He was in an open area and there were 4 girls on other side of a 3-4' divider

- They said they hated a teacher and would accuse him of sexual abuse

- That day they came to his office and told their lie

- Of course, no punishment for them!

As I said, this is a TINY sample. This has to stop and those who do this MUST be held accountable!

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Thanks Tina. It's not surprising that rates of vasectomies in young males is reported as increasing in Au. Why lose your life & savings to not only false rape allegations but added unwanted babies to whose birth you did not agree or consent.

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There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and the biggest lies of all FEMINIST statistics.

False accusations are far more common than peolpe realize and they have only 1 real purpose - to completely destroy a man's life. They are nothing but pure evil.

An overlooked fact is that false accusations are helped by the gynocentric media and the courts. As soon as the accusation is laid, guilt is declared, and the media go into full swing to help to destroy the accused man. The courts are no better. Once the man's innocence is finally determined and his life has been ruined, there is no real accountability and punishment for the female accuser.

This has to stop. Women who perform this evil act MUST be held accountable, and that accountability MUST be in line with the impact on the man.

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Not surprising. Data mining is a feminist specialty.

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Another American sportsman had had his career and reputation destroyed by another scheming false accuser. It also cost him tens of millions of dollars in future earnings. As usual, the woman walks away facing no consequences despite the exposing of text messages saying she was planning to get her hooks into this person and get his money.

A video she filmed of herself the morning after she claimed to have been beaten about the face and raped showed her lying next to her sleeping 'rapist" while making faces at her phone and having not a blemish on her face.

These women are every bit as evil as any rapist. He is out of pocket to the tune of millions of dolllars and despite his exoneration no American club has been willing to recruit him to their cub.


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