FYI there is a petition on Change.org requesting that the Minister for the Arts, John Graham, remove Clementine Ford from the line up at Sydney Opera House on International Women's Day. Please read and if that resonates, please add your signature. https://www.change.org/p/clementine-ford-iwd-event-at-sydney-opera-house-march-2024

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I sent a note to ScreenNSW, below, followed by their (unsurprisingly disappointing) response, FYI:

I am writing with reference to the announcement that you are funding Clementine Ford's hateful new TV nightmare, 'Smile B**ch' – a “dark comedy about one woman executing her revenge against the men who have wronged her.” Just what we need to promote harmony between the sexes in 2024.

I strongly object to the use of tax-payers money for her latest male-bashing exercise.

I will follow up with a complaint to the eSafety Commission, which is required to tackle online hate relating to race, religion or gender – her male-hating activity should fall into their bailiwick.

We have seriously had enough of anti-male content. This woman is a serious threat to society and you are funding her craziness. Therefore YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the hatred and danger to men and boys this may generate.


Screen NSW would like to acknowledge receipt of your email in which you raise concerns relating to funding under the Screen NSW Slate Development Program. Screen NSW recently announced funding under the Program for 32 projects being developed by 12 NSW production companies, including Aquarius Films responsible for developing two television projects Smile Bitch and The Servient and one feature film, Paradise.

All funding commitments and decisions are aligned with Screen NSW Program Guidelines.

Screen NSW supports a strong, independent screen sector and is committed to fostering a thriving and creative screen industry in NSW, supporting jobs and sharing local stories.

Thanks again for your correspondence.


Screen NSW

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Please join me in protesting the funding by Screen NSW for Clementine Ford’s proposed film. I wrote a long letter to Screen NSW about how her behaviour violated their own ethics codes but received a dismissive response. It’s time to contact the NSW Minister for the Arts John.graham@parliament.nsw.gov.au and office@graham.minister.nsw.gov.au

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Next will try sending to Office@graham.minister.nsw.gov.au

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Excellent points.. I will respond with those. I also emailed the following contacts if you want to try: kahlee.rose@create.nsw.gov.au, screeninvestment@create.nsw.gov.au

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I will do and will respond with Jamie’s comments

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Clementine Ford's schtick is easily discernible - bait people until they lose their **** and then use the opportunity to go off on them and humiliate them to the roars of applause from her grrl-army of followers. Unfortunately enough naive men have fallen into the trap and allowed her to build a profile by playing the victim.

Imagine someone going into the lost dogs' home and asking to see the animals. As soon as the keeper is out of sight she pulls out a stick and enrages the animals to the point they are snarling - then calls the keeper back and says: look these dogs are dangerous, they need putting down not adopting into family homes...

Honestly the only reason she is employed is because fellow travellers who are in charge of spending public money keep throwing her sinecure projects. Similar to her attack-buddy VB. I do feel sorry for her son and ex having read about their private lives (as they were inevitably shared for the world to see as part of CF's confessional activism), although he knew what he was getting into.

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Precisely! And it is just as misplaced and out of step with the reality of Family Violence as it was in the UK and hence the recognition that it needed to be decommissioned.

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I'm only going to say that YOUR feedback to Media Companies can make a difference..as suggested by Bettina : Send a brief note to ScreenNSW objecting to the use of tax-payers money for her latest male-bashing exercise.


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If a male in Qld said what Clementine Ford about their partner they would be committing domestic violence. A male who has a protection order against them would be locked up for making threats to harm. Women can get away with it though, why?

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For Ford’s information, the Jews weren’t colonizers, they were “colonized” by a decision of the League of Nations - the pre-runner of the UN.

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Clementine Ford and her followers support the three scourges of a civilised society - Islamic Jihadists, extreme wokeism and toxic feminism. The first is responsible for many inconveniences (airport security checks etc.) and much pain, including the 7/10 monstrous inhumane torture, rapes, murders, decapitation and the kidnapping of infants through to the elderly. Extreme wokeism and toxic feminism are rapidly degrading work and educational standards. Fortunately, America seems to have awoken to the harm this triple scourge does to civil society. Like Australian universities, Ivy League universities have reached a point where misgendering someone is a sackable offence. Yet, a call for the genocide of the Jews is fine. Though the American universities are steadily being ‘forced’ to sack their Presidents (interestingly, almost all are women), the toxic culture remains embedded. There is a glimmer of hope as Americans are actively weeding out this scourge. How did this madness become institutionalised? Possibly, similar to many instances of insanity in history, the complacency of the populace allows repulsive doctrines to gain a foothold. The sickness of Ford, terrorist apologists, toxic gender activists, antisemitism and extreme wokeism have joined hands to bring evil to attack common sense and fundamental human rights.

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I have reluctantly removed some of the comments from the discussion in the last few days, particularly those indulging in vicious anti-Zionist attacks. This post is not about Middle-Eastern politics but the vile activities of one feminist activist. If you want to indulge in slanging matches over political issues start your own Substack. If you persist, I will ban you. There's nothing wrong with making a comment or two on such issues, but I don't want anyone posting dozens of abusive remarks. I also removed a few of the responses to these comments, because the discussion no longer made sense in their absence. Sorry about that.

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I wrote about this depraved woman a few years ago, for what it's worth.


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I've been praying for 'some slippage in the icy grip of feminism on Western society' for many years, being what might have been called one of the 'First Wave' feminists. Feminism, like most good things, lost the plot quite some time ago, devolving into a sickening, man-hating movement by-and-large. Count me out.

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One of the main points I've taken from this post is that Citizens tax money must not go to the funding of any events, projects, ideas that citizens did not vote for directly and were decided on by Government.

I'm very clear that I don't care what Ford says. She can spew her hate all over the place just as I must be free to say what I want; BUT I do not want any of my taxes going into funding hers, in fact any others, so called projects that are decided upon by bureaucrats, who indirectly support these people by using Tax Payers Money.

Example: if she wants to say something, then let her find her funding from individuals or companies but not from my taxes. She is free to say whatever she wants as long as she is not supported in anyway by my taxes.

Equally, I'm free to block her on Facebook, etc., and write to companies with my feedback or not buy their products; and we are all free to do this. We do not have to lay down and take this one bit. Politicians should not be approving the funding, directly or indirectly, for anything like this.

To me this is the biggest problem we have at the moment. People like Ford are receiving money from the State and this is like receiving a Blessing from the Pope. This is one thing we can all fight. The other area where the State is sticking its nose in is where we see the Courts making crazy decisions that are indirectly supported because Politicians will not make a proper stand against such things. I finally see that Bettina’s whole blog is about fighting the State support of ridiculous decisions against Men who are mostly unable to fight back because of the silly laws and decisions supported by our Leaders which are favouring Women.

I think Bettina hit on something big when she suggested we contact Screen NSW and give them our feedback.

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