this would take a senior journalist from the likes of "The Australian" to have any clout.


perhaps army basic training for all australians attending Universities before they commence studies. Knock some of the feminist-high school-crap out of them. In other words there is a total absence of any discipline in the modern person it needs to be instilled.

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GoFundMe, aka Go F**kMe&You, have been busy telling people how to think and spend THEIR own money.


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Well done Bettina,

There is a worrying breakdown in the vital concept of rule of law applying to all citizens. Sexual offences, Cardinal Pell, police charged with murder defending the public, corrupt DPP's, judges, arrogant politicians misusing their corruption watchdog (yes I'm from Victoria), weaponising Violence orders.

I can't believe how blatant lies are run by the media, politicians. They continue to run them even when called out. E.g. the Voice. Or they just refuse to answer legitimate questions.

Thanks for your efforts. I'm sure you get plenty of abuse but these are vital issues.

I am confident and pray that the public is beginning to wake up. Democracy is fragile.

Bless you Andrew

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Thank you so much for all you have done to help these poor men, some of the tens of thousands who have had their lives destroyed by phony #MeToo accusations. It is the only type of "crime" where the accused is deemed guilty until proven innocent, in practice if not in theory.

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What concerns me the most is that without Bettina, none of this would have come to light because of the mass-hypnosis brainwashing by feminists over the past 50 years.

Thank you Bettina, for battling against the odds. I can't believe Covid was an accepted reason for moving the trial date. Any man who gets involved with a woman who has been to university in these hetero-male hating times, has rocks in his head. I went MGTOW 3 years ago, and I've never been happier, I live a peaceful fulfilling life with no one gaslighting me with their victim mentality, while the living the most privileged life of any group in history.

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Bettina, once again, thank you so much for your by now VITAL, NECESSARY work. One question though. In every account you give of the various cases, you never specify details about what is done or not done to the perpetrators of the false accusations AFTER the ordeals. I mean the actual women who start it all. I appreciate you fight the institutions and bureaucracies that support those, but the “evil” intention and actions are first engendered by those LIARS. Whose lies destroy human male lives. Why do your accounts of events always seem to stop with the rehabilitation of those men, following a long hard process? What about the ensuing prosecution against the liars? Are they or aren’t they subsequently prosecuted for perjury, as they should? I am writing from Italy so chances are my naivety on all things Australian is forging these questions… but in any normal judicial world, after an acquittal of a falsely accused, prosecution needs to immediately happen of the person who destroyed a life and wasted thousand of the tax payers money, i.e. the false accuser !!??

Thank you.

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Continue your work Bettina and send the occasional account


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Is it possible to name the 'victims' after these cases are won and those who are running the in house inquisitions.

and the case where the womans 'friends' told her to press charges while admitting there was no offense. Name them as well as provocateurs.

Were i an employer i would be very keen to know just who these harpies were so i could flag my own employment files with "to be never employed here". I would also hold a red flag out for the Universities that harbor them.

These stories need to be relayed to the Asian newspapers.

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Domestic violence orders are the new weapon to destroy careers. Men are destroyed financially and career wise when a DV order is issued against them. Now the new trend is emotional abuse & that’s how easy it is to get a DV order. No evidence, just the woman is believed. I pray one day Bettina will win the battle against these mentally unstable women.

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How can the members of the legal profession AND the relevant government representatives sleep at night while this travesty of justice continues?

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Heartbreaking story.

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Thanks Bettina, keep up the necessary and important work.

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Bettina, in your article I clicked on the link (first paragraph) "Sydney University" and noted two stand out features:

1. The headline referred to the number of "assaults, sexual harassment" etc with no qualification that they were in fact alleged. It is common when journalists stipulate in their reporting that anything of a criminal nature there should exist a proviso, such as "the reporting of the case does not mean that this publication infers guilt, merely that we are reporting what has been alleged". Why then is this apparent departure from AJA ethics and advice not, in this case, adhered to?

2. The statistics provided in the body of the article report that out of 100 cases, 66 occurred off campus! How many "kangaroos" does the University employ to deal with 100 cases and are the kangaroos allowed, legally or otherwise, to venture off campus and into the homes of the 66 students who were not at Uni when the allegations took place? Is it time for a cull?

Sydney University is often a preferred academic choice for those contemplating a Degree in Law. I wonder what the Heads of that faculty make of this "alleged" contemptuous behaviour from their very own employer.

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Great work Bettina . , It will only need the Voice" yes "vote to win the Referendum and I'm off to join the Chinese army , I'm already a member of the Taliban ...

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Thank you for your work, Bettina. The stories are depressing, but I can’t imagine the emotions of the poor unfortunate men at the centre of the maelstrom which engulfed them.

I note that WA is embracing “respectful relationships” and I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how any feminist can claim that men are respected by the institutions upon which they are entitled to rely.

University administration, police, courts and of course, the press. All genuflect to feminism, and it is hard to avoid the conclusion that they fear repercussions unless they conspicuously jettison the presumption of innocence and assume male guilt.

And we are told we live under patriarchy!

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The world needs more Heroes.

Bettina is Australia's Hero of the Year!



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