My local federal member has agreed to speak to me about the Family Law Bill and other related issues regarding men and boys. I have so much I want to say and ask I feel overwhelmed. I'll have to stay focused on a few key points whereas I want to open his eyes to the endless gynocentrism in our society in countless areas.

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George the TinMen wrote the below

If you use semantic sleight of hand to secretly define men out of an issue, then exactly 0% of them are impacted.

Let me show you…

Men are half of ‘domestic violence’ victims.

But 0% of victims of ‘violence against women’ are men.

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Where did Lisa Wilkinson go to get her face 'reworked'?

The shipyard?

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Bettina you mentioned the link to the Lehrmann case in your post.

Is the case only viewable when it is happening or are there videos I can watch because of the time difference from where I live?

I went to here: https://www.youtube.com/@FederalCourtAus/featured

I can see the Lehrmann case in so many hours.. or is there something I need to do.

What I read on the internet and Higgins is giving evidence now. it is all so interesting what is being said..

Thanks for any assistance.

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Sadly for Bruce L, the burden of proof in civil matters is substantially lower than for criminal matters. In a trial like this it will all come down to whether or not the judge on the bench believes Brittany H, or believes that Brittany H should be believed.

I fear for Bruce L. The recent High Court decision on detainees has shown the prevalence of activist judges in Australia is on the rise again, and an activist judge fed feminist guidelines for gendered crimes may prove to be a burden of proof too biased to be overcome. The abuse of power in the ABS shows the level of gender bias has become so entrenched in Australian institutions and academia, that blatant misandry through the manipulative presentation of epidemiological data goes un-noticed and unchallenged.

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"Where are the eligible young men?

"You, upwardly mobile messes, along with your feminist ilk, drove many to suicide."

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I also hear that 16 days of activism regarding gendered violence are about to begin. Brace yourselves for another bombardment of lies , half truths and the denigration of masculinity.

May I ask, "what is gendered violence?" If a man strikes a women because she lied, had an affair and ripped his children from his life, is that gendered violence? Or is it a case of one person who has been pushed beyond the limits of human restraint lashes out at the person who is the cause of their agony?

Is the fact that around the world 95% of capital punishment is inflicted on men gendered violence or does that simply get filed under "men deserve everything that comes their way!"

They invent new words and categories which are totally meaningless. When is any violence perpetrated on a female not gendered violence and why is the reverse not considered gendered violence?

The modern world is now a mental asylum.

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Who was directly responsible for altering that graph? They have to be questioned and held to account for such a diabolical sleight of hand. That is pure evil. What kind of sick zealot hates men so much they literally choose to hide the truth about the horrific suicide rate of our men?

I feel ill thinking about it. The invisibility of male suffering is not a result of ignorance or error. It is a coldly calculated action and one that has been enacted for decades.

We are dealing with genuinely evil people.

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This should restart the push for a MINISTER for MEN , it is only fair and there is no excuse. But the feminists would say that men are the “patriarchy “ and as such do not need any extra representation ,usually given to minorities or victims of discrimination.

Women in modern day Australia are neither a “minority” nor discriminated against , so the argument to close the Ministry for Women is just as strong as the argument to open a Ministryfor Men.

In other words we either have ministries for BOTH genders or none at all, in the name of equality .

I hope the hard working people who organised the shoe protest can find strength and support to continue the fight , a semi permanent protest at the Federal Parliament would be a good step , even invite people to bring more old boots , make sure politicians can not avoid the issue .

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Narrow escape just for now. I am sure this won´t be after the trail. It becomes with everyday clearer that this allegation by Britney was in fact a fabricated one. There was no sex at all. It was, as Bruce said, a white lie to protect her job to start with. Lisa should have known better. Accusations without evidence ar lies.

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Todays Sunday Mail page 13, has Albanese has called on men ( not women) to step up to stop Domestic Violence. 53 women have been killed as a result of Domestic Violence this year.

Here we have a Prime Minister ignoring the 2500 men who suicided because of family break ups, false allegations, becoming homeless & unemployed. When is Albanese going to step up and support men, would he turn his back on his son if he needed help. My guess is he would.

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So, were you really being "gracious," or did you just not want to sit next to the bitch?

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Bettina, thank you for the courage and steadfastness in continuing to fight for men.

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There is no reason for even producing the misleading graph. Why would anyone seek to hide the truth that more men are finding no reason to live than women are? What I would like to see is a graph comparing suicides of these two sexes, precipitated by actions of their partners, such as alienation of the children from their father or mother, limitation of access to their children and frequency of false accusation of domestic violence.

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"Awkward moment averted for Lisa Wilkinson at Bruce Lehrmann defamation trial"

as opposed to...........

"Award presentation moment for Lisa Wilkinson over Brittany Higgins assault trial interview "


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Great work Bettina. Never afraid to speak up for the silent majority.

I hope the “Queen” will not get away with her vicious comments.

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