A previous ‘active’ participant on the minister’s couch gets caught in flagrante delicto asleep by security. Way out? Plead victim. Easy. Well, maybe not.

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Just goes to show if you repeat a lie enough as is ubiquitous in the media - the masses will believe it. Great article Bettina.

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Keep going Bettina. The Opposition has hardly landed a glove on the ‘mean girls’ who stoked this along in the lead-up to the election. Its’s agonising to watch Cash snd Ley pose simple artless questions that go nowhere, while Albanese scuttles off after affirming he supports Gallagher 1000%.

What’s interesting here is that so many women are up in arms about the treatment of someone who should be innocent until proven guilty, quite apart from this shocking evidence of abuse of ministerial powers and the ducking and weaving of the legal system itself. It’s totally unnerving.

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I have read up on the latest to emerge from this saga... and I am aghast. I used to have a pretty naive view about those governing us are basically decent people who want the best but make human mistakes etc etc. That's over.

The degree of conspiratorial shenanigans in this matter makes it look like we are governed by a clique of psychopaths - and that their bestest buddies staff the media to boot.

Sadly too the American cultural fetish for seeing a moneymaking opportunity in every purported injury and suing your way to millions has invaded our country.

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So convenient, all this stuff surfacing and diverting attention from Gallagher et al. And getting the feminist agenda firmly back on the front page. Just wondering.....

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The only thing that is clearer for me now, with all the accusations flying in Parliament about Senator David Van and also with the whole Higgins affair, is that Citizens have no real comeback (other than sending emails to individuals in the hope they might listen) about how Ministers behave in Parliament and yet, if I screamed at people in my work place - like I've seen (male and female) Ministers screaming, I'd be sacked or severely reprimanded; yet Ministers can do this AND make all sorts of allegations without proper investigations!!!????

Liberal MP Angus Taylor has joined calls for senator David Van to resign and is quoted as saying: “Well, I think it‘s absolutely clear that these allegations are very serious from very credible people,” Mr Taylor said.

No!! I don't see that ... as I sit here in my little Swiss apartment, I only see Mad people getting paid heaps of money to run around like children in a playground hitting and swearing at the others....!!!

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Definitions - FYI. Human rights Vic Government and the Healthy Woman web pages say:

Sexual assault

o Rape or attempted rape:

o Unwanted touching:

o Sexual contact with a minor:

o Incest:

o Indecent exposure:

o Peeping:

o Sexual images/video:

o Sharing sexual content:

o Sexual threats or harassment:

Sexual harassment includes:

• an unwelcome sexual advance

• an unwelcome request for sexual favours

• any other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.

Sexual harassment can be physical, verbal or written. Examples include:

• comments about someone’s private life or the way they look

• sexually suggestive behaviour, such as leering or staring

• brushing up against someone, touching, fondling or hugging

• sexually suggestive comments or jokes

• displaying offensive images or objects

• repeated requests to go out

• requests for sex

• sexually explicit emails, text messages or posts on social media

• sexual assault

• suggestive behaviour.

Personally, I'd like to see a national poll to determine who rates some of these as suitable for inclusion in these lists. Certainly, there are a few that I would, but there are more that I wouldn't bother to include. Over my long career, from a young woman working as a bar attendant at 17, to a person now with multiple post graduate degrees, I've always found it useful to say ' bugger-off' when I needed to. I didn't need to tell the world as that always sorted things on-the-spot. I wonder why so many women don't know how to do that.

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Great article, credit to Bettina and the other hard working journos , like Janet Albrectson , this shows the value of investigative journalism in keeping pressure on government to act honestly.

The feminists have for years complained that there were not enough WOMEN in politics and positions of power, they insisted that if there were then things would be better, because as we all know women are honest and kind and hard working they would NEVER lie or lower themselves to the gutter style of politics men are known for.

What a disappointment they have been, no better than men and worse in some ways.

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The Australian is reporting this morning. Higgins was paid 2.5 million, included was 40 years of lost wages. Now the government has a crystal ball and predict one’s future. How many other females have been paid that amount of money without evidence. Any person claiming permanent disability through their super has to have evidence.

Is this a payback for services rendered ? A suspicious person would say ‘yes’.

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Jun 14, 2023·edited Jun 14, 2023Author

Please listen to Alan Jones - recorded last night on ADH TV - thundering about the Higgins saga. Great stuff from this veteran commentator.


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You astound me Bettina! We all know that some people (shock horror!) actually can lose their inhibitions when inebriated. Given BH history of sexual appetite and her previous (alleged) work on the Ministers couch, why is my assertion so far-fetched? Sh me have felt snubbed by Lehrmann and in a stupor started fantasying! Lehrmann said he went bck to the office to make notes about meeting Defence types for Linda, and to drink whiskey. Why couldn't a relatively sober (skipping) BH also have raided the Ministers grog cabinet? Reminds me of a good friend I lost. A big strapping fit young man who could "drink most people under the table" but like a lot of people who over-imbibe, a switch would flick and he would lose inhibitions, do bizarre things etc. I have an open mind on BH and others, and I have no doubt more will be revealed...

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The house of Cards just keeps collapsing! So many bad, bad things have been/are being exposed to the light. The damage to Pollies, AFP, DPP, PWC etc ad nauseum...Libs need to take inventory on who they have working for them! How rusted-on Labor insides/operatives got key jobs in their inner sanctum bears immediate investigation/remediation. The PWC above-the-law. non-Public Service "rules" for handling employee complaints is also big red flag. Higgins has been shown up as an agenda and politically driven, lying operative. In the back of my mind, a little voice is saying she got the jobs with the Libs as a sleeper agent (pun intended!) from day one. What other damaging info did she pass on before delivering her (possibly contrived) coup de grâce? Also in the back of my mind is the possibility that there is indeed someone in the Big House who may be a sexual predator or opportunist. The most damaging background on the sqeaky-clean Saint Higgins are her sexual proclivities...how many rape victims (allegedly) participate in rough sex a matter of hours/days after being violated? I thought there was also the possibility that Higgins fell asleep after pleasuring herself, and being embarrassed, manufactured a hit-job explanation. Keep up the great work Tina, Sharri, Janet et al. So comforting to know that there people out there who know how to spell integrity...

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From the very start I felt this was a political stitch-up. BH public behaviors didn't instill a lot of credibility. I learnt the background, not widely publicized details of her from Bettina - the dumped 1st date on the night of alleged rape, what she was and wasn't wearing, the timing of her reporting, etc.

This has done major damage to #MeToo movement, as predicted. But what we're learning now is the extent of collateral damage within the party BH worked for - older, experienced and hard-working women losing their jobs over this, like senior staffer Fiona Brown, who couldn't have done any more for this junior staffer in supporting her.

I'm disgusted to the core with the dirty politics riding on the back of the #MeToo movement, damaging reputations and careers of their own gender. Its backfired enormously and it should have.

Loyalty seems like a dirty word, regardless of gender and party alignment. What have we come too?

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This is simply delicious! It's been a long time since the media has taken the time to investigate an issue like this and actually attempt to uncover the truth!

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