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I recalled this article as I was reading a piece in the BaptistCare 'Hope Street' leaflet. It was titled "when no news is bad news" as 'Elizabeth Hukins...shares the experience of our teams as they feared for the safety of women and children experiencing violence during lock down'

Two things sprang to mind: here was a historically single minded denominations, one that was suspicious of government and our depraved culture, now shilling for the Marxist ABC (mentioned in the article) and failing to mount a 'care' based criticism of universal lock-downs and the consequential damage they do.

So here: the Christian denomination least likely to swallow the shallow Marxism of the zeitgeist, taking it hook, line and sinker. It, like most church organisations, is now, I daresay, staffed by the products of Marxist inspired social work schools and unable to critically review the data and understand the drivers of societies' discontents.

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