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Coitus Interuptus


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Tom Golden
How boys play and the biological underpinnings
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Great chat with Tom Golden, Janice Fiamengo, and Don Lofendale about my recent blog on revoked consent. -

Bettina Arndt joins Janice Fiamengo, Don Lofendale and Tom Golden to discuss the zany feminist idea that men should be able to cease sexual activity on command. Yes, consensual sex that she decides needs to stop, better stop when she decides. He is expected to put on the brakes immediately as she demands. If it is not immediate they claim it is rape. Bettina wrote a powerful article on this topic and referred to another article about the science behind this idea. Needless to say the science and the feminists are in different worlds. The group discusses this idea in a lively discussion.

Bettina's original article

Bettina Arndt
Coitus interruptus
Frozen, Disney’s highly successful animation series, captivated little girls across the world. So too, the feminists have had huge success in promoting their own version of “frozen” – instilling in criminal courts everywhere the notion that rape victims often suffer a physiological state known as “tonic immobility” which renders them incapable of resist…
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