I saw this just now @ 27 July 2023 but posted 23 hours ago : NatWest boss Dame Alison Rose quits after row over Nigel Farage account


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Love seeing this report because:

1. Banks and money and money creation is a pet topic for me, for many years;

2. it is absolutely 'unverschämt' = disgusting, unreasonable, unconscionable that Banks/Politicians can even think of taking away something that is absolutely required in society to live. It would be like saying, "abused someone, then your punishment is you cannot use supermarkets or even buy food".

Whatever one thinks of Farage is not the point, no one in 2023 should have their money stolen from them for whatever reason nor have their bank account forcibly closed, for whatever reason. To me it just shows how lazy these Banks/Politiicans really in that if there is a 'real' problem then they need to seek better ways of dealing with things rather than these continual knee jerks to the groin...

Surely these type of actions are against the Constitution !!

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Get a load at the stuff the Financial Services Union puts out. They will be all for the freezing of mens bank accounts. A recent gold nugget they put out was pushing for special workplace policy and leave days for women’s menstruation and menopause struggles. It was not a parody it was serious. A union shamelessly for women but get the member fees off of the blokes as well.

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We are still hoping to find a good case to see if we can challenge this. Hopefully when my blog is published in a few other places, some more stories will emerge.

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Thanks Bettina for bringing this to light (as always). As someone with 20+ years banking experience and my experience with family law matters, this really hit home. As you have highlighted previously, weaponised AVOs are promoted by some advocacy groups as a lever to pull in FL matters. I’ve supported many men that have gone down the path of “just accept the AVO without admission of guilt rather than go through the lengthy process of fighting it” to their own detriment. Relationship breakups are rarely smooth in my experience and financial matters are often the breaking point. I wonder if an estranged partner that drains the joint account to purchase handbags, $1,200 of designer scented candles (true) and then drags the family law process out as long as possible because they use economic resources of their family would constitute cohesive control under that malformed legislation? The virtue signalling behaviour of the banks is incredibly dangerous and I hope that someone can challenge the legality of their involvement in this. I think the banks would gain more from protecting the security of their customers from scammers and reinvesting their profits to reduce the costs to their customers.

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Just wait until they finish recreating the economic conditions that existed in both France and Russia that sparked their revolutions.

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In Canada about 2 decades ago they proposed a law that "Shout at your spouse and loose your house."

Lately there has been a huge push that if for example the police arrested a woman and charged her with Domestic Violence, it was blamed on "Misattribution". The denial that women can be instigators and perpetrators is so strong, it make me suspicious that the advocates don't want anyone examining their own behaviour too closely.

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OMG. Of all the strategies that have shocked me in the last few years, this is the worst thing I have read. I shuddered at the Canadian story and knew it was the beginning of this type of horrific action. But this......

I had a brother-in-law who was a dairy farmer from a boy. It was not until they were in their 60s that he and his wife retired to a town house to take it easy. Being bored, she spent her days tipping the life savings into a poker machine. Horrific financial abuse.

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It is wrong in principle for a bank to be involved with the family affairs of their customers , if an account should be closed because of so called financial abuse then it should require a clear court order. But the banks are acting as quasi courts , jumping the gun on any decision which should only be made in a court hearing.

The banks need to see their boundaries and that means their responsibility stops at the monetary needs of customers.

Feminist influence in banks is strong with a majority of staff now women, and consider the now 50 years of feminists indoctrination within the education systems, it is fair to say that ALL women in banks today have been brainwashed to some degree by feminist's anti man teaching.

This is how these things continue, the women bankers think anything is justified if a woman is treated unfairly , by a man.

The issue of corporations involving themselves in the family affairs of customers or their staff members was raised some years ago in WA , a mining state . Mining companies like Rio Tinto took it upon themselves to work closely with the state govt. when staff members were involved in domestic

violence matters ,

This is improper for a company, whose responsibility to staff ends when they stop work and leave the work premises.

The CEO of Rio Tinto was at the time a woman { no surprise} , but this is the thin end of the wedge and clear boundaries are needed between what a company can or can't do when the personal issues of customers or staff are involved.

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I cited this important piece in comment I made on a recent spectator article, "Who will speak up for young men?", responding to a comment that the erasure of boys from education "must change".



The only change we'll see is more man bashing in government ads, more "teaching boys to respect women", more whipping up of public condemnations of men whenever there's an offence to exploit, be it real (a graphic crime, eg. Rosie Batty) or contrived (eg. Brittany Higgins).

Feminism is a very well oiled and funded machine, entrenched in our institutions and government, and their cushy jobs depend on providing more of the same, each year. In the last couple of years we had Higgins and "sexual assault in the workplace", "parliamentary culture", "coercive control".

This year we've got banks acting on "financial abuse" by unilaterally suspending the accounts of any man *accused* of financial abuse by a woman.

See https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/weaponising-banks-against-men/comments

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It is becoming serious, not just annoying due to the unfairness. On a more trivial scale, watch the MASTERMIND quiz show. A pattern is clear of systematically favouring the female candidates. I am not saying men are smarter than women. I an saying the questions are usually easier for the female contestants. The "random" general knowledge questions are hard ro fudge but it is still happening, Where it really shows up is in the special knowledge questions. Very often one of the females gets mickey muse questions and tops the scores half wat at about 15. Then in the general knowledge she has already a start of about 5 points often. Don't take my word for it. Have a look. It won't be long and young men will start to just give up on society where they cannot get fair treatment, and even in marriage can be dumped with no assets or access to their children.

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When Orwell published "1984" in 1949 nobody could have imagined the degree of centralized control government, industry, and finance would acquire in the next 50 years. The last 20 years have seen even greater consolidation of these powers. The government speaks; big tech and finance leap into action. When the White House asked a Meta to remove an account, an administrator responded in less than a minute, "Yep, on it." We have little tyrants eager to please the big ones. Sadly, as Bettina says, many men seem oblivious to ways in which these forces work against us, punishing those whose crime is speaking freely.

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Misandrist feminists operate under mens radar,

Thanks for Bettina for exposing feminists dishonest agenda

But what are we to do, they get away with destroying our sons

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You are doing great work, keep it up.

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Far as I can tell, this has been happening for some time in Britain, but it's not limited to men. Banks are targeting nationalists who are opposing the migrant crisis in Europe. Two people come to mind, Mark Collett and Laura Towler, both had their bank accounts closed for bringing awareness of the muslim raping on young British girls.

Here's Mark Collett talking about it on his social media:


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Bettina's article does refer to elder abuse with respect to that group having significant risks when their own financial abilities are on the decline and needing some form of guardianship over them.

Last weeks National Press Club featured the Commissioner for Ageing, Dr Ann Patterson. She correctly put forward that those elders who were planning their financial affairs beyond their current abilities should consider Powers of Attorney, but of course those risks were also mentioned by her, along with an example of a male's inappropriate dealing of parental funds. During the speech and her later response to questions you may have been forgiven that ageing females were the only group at risk. The Commissioner stated that women were the greatest risk of deprivation and homelessness through elder abuse although the ABS statistics would suggest otherwise. Also falling through the "statistical cracks" is the under reporting of male homelessness, those of whom find the next stop from the Family Court being couch surfing or other "temporary" accomodation. As Dr Patterson is the retiring Commissioner it will be interesting to hear who is the new woman to take up the cudgels and whether or not is also a signatory/sympathetic to the proposed banking powers.

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